What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary

Ask the Afghan war of the United States

What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary [It can never be disconnected from the political negotiations of the war. Whatever the way, and cut off all the various relationships of both If you wait too long and cut off both the war and the political negotiations, only leaving a meaningless lacking purpose] Carl Clausewitz [war theory] When looking back on the war, whether the victory is how was accomplished, the question that it is customary. But [indomitable freedom strategy]; in the case of (Operation Enduring Freedom hereinafter abbreviated as OEF), a more fundamental question in addition to this, what has been brought about the victory at any point in time [? ] Comes out question. OEF in a short period of months, not only in Afghanistan, central Asia, have changed to the strategic landscape of the Middle East. Progress of the war is significantly shift the expected war initial, become a thing that was not even planned, it remains still unstable. And the apparent victory on the battlefield, we are certain that the gap is between the ones unclear who brought its victory has been increased.