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What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary Al-Qaeda Sunni extremist organization, which claims the global jihad] against Western countries, including the United States. Founded in years. Liberation of the occupied territories by the [jihad], has been active on the purpose influence the elimination of Western in the Islamic world, the establishment of the Caliphate [Islamic state]. The main executives Osama bin Laden Is the al-Qaeda founder, before supreme leader. Year or year born. Immediately after the Afghanistan invasion of the Soviet Army, he worked in support of the resistance to Soviet troops [mujahideen] (Islamic warriors). In announcing the Soviet Union in Afghanistan withdrawal, together with continuing the [jihad] in Afghanistan until the end of the war, for the purpose of giving military training to selected applicants even after the Soviet withdrawal, was formed a new organization [al-Qaeda] . 00 from around the end of the year, had been hiding in the hideout of Abbottabad in northern Pakistan Kai Bal Park Tung mulberry State, 0 date, it was killed in response to the raid of the US Navy special forces.