What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary

Islamic countries and I al-Qaeda difference?

What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary [Religion of Sunni Islam is the same, origins and purpose are different] Tetsuya Shibui of journalists. Al Qaeda was born in the Middle East, with a special background that the United States was brought up. [United States of the Soviet Union during the Cold War 'years, the Soviet Union but was invaded to Afghanistan, in order to counter this, the United States was considered to Grow the local resistance forces than to attack directly. So it is chosen for the al-Qaeda. After that, we went to the provision of financial and weapons. America is not been to the organization that they had brought up, got beaten by the terrorist attacks] Last year month Islamic countries to fear and even "too radical" in such al-Qaeda, unilaterally declare the establishment of the state. [Idea itself of nation building dates back to after the first World War. By Britain and France and Russia of the winner, secret agreement that determine the border line to divide the territory of the defeated Islamic state Ottoman empire it is tied, because are arbitrarily considered border line had been drawn.