What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary

[Yasuda Junpei's physical condition is getting worse]

What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary Yasuda's custody had been Uriwatasa to another extremist organization of al-Qaeda system Syrian activists [Yasuda's has declined to mentally and physically] That mentally Yasuda, who cornered tried to Tato their own life time The color of fatigue has become darker Month, the presence of men of One of the video seen and Yasuda Junpei's has been confirmed. One eye was published in early month, the video to be taken in October 0 years. And one of the eyes, but men of the video to speak in front of a red background, which has been confirmed in mid-month. Men [my name in Japanese is Umar. Today is the date 0 date. We have been here a long time. Complained and please help]. When I saw for the first time this video, previously and compared white ones mixed in the men's hair and beard, the face received the impression that the color of fatigue has come out dark. Then, in late month, the video of Yasuda, who gunpoint has been published in the man et al. Previously, not that the individual images have been published in succession in this way in a short time.